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About us

We Create Awesome Stuff

I am a professional photographer and re-toucher. I particularly focus on Modelling portfolios, Portrait and Pre-wedding Photography.

I aim to provide quality work and create a wow experience for my clients.

It gives me immense pleasure to share, I could learn the art of photography from the ace Fashion & Celebrity Photographer Dabboo Ratnani. I have achieved the Certificate of Photography from Celebrity School, signed by him.

For me, photograph is a story captured in a single frame. Your story is unique and special for you. Therefore, it is always my attempt to make complete justice to your story by capturing a memorable frame. I work with complete dedication and pay attention to every detail of the photograph as I truly believe, every single component has its importance and adds its own flavour in the frame.


The game of light and shadows fascinates me. The intricate detailing in lighting is a must know-how to capture the correct mood in your story. Over the years, I have mastered the art of capturing subjects in different lighting conditions, both indoors and outdoors. This allows me a greater span to photograph my subjects at different times and locations.

Photography is a unique combination of art and science, where the technical balance is as important as the creative aesthetics. It is utmost important to understand the science behind light to know how lighting affects the mood and at the same time it is equally important to have the aesthetics of framing the subject to tell your story. If you ask me, Aesthetics have a little more weight that the science. I have learnt this art over the years, and I believe that learning goes on.

How We Work

Our work will lay down the foundations or build on existing knowledge and skill in the realm of Photography.

Smart composition

Unusual perspectives and techniques are employed to create truly compelling images using depth of field

Telling a story

At the end of the day, we tell stories - Nailing the emotion is a part of this; capturing powerful images

Creative & Experimental

We use the knowledge of lighting, composition and sophisticated digital technique to offer clients arresting images

Building the image

We use a variety of techniques to produce awe-inspiring images, as per specific demands on those capturing pictures